VetEdit Optional Modules

In addition the the core functionality we have developed a number of optional VetEdit modules to enhanse your website further.


Mobile Website Version

Your website can display a mobile version of itself when viewed by mobile devices. Pages are sizes appropriately for a smaller screen size. This requires no additional setup from the client. Pages are updated at the same time the main site is updated using VetEdit.


Logo Creation

Whether your looking for a completely new logo or a revamp of your existing logo , our logo design team will help you portray the true identity of your business through professionally designed logos.


Homepage Animated Image Slideshow

An eye catching animated slideshow can really enhance your homepage with movement and colour. Your animation will be custom made to display a slideshow of key images and text which highlight the most important aspects of your practice in a professional way. Animated slideshows have been shown to increase user retention and revisit.



Allows you to upload monthly newsletters to your website as either pdf's or work documents. Once published on your website clients can download your newsletters.


Upcoming Events & Promotions

Create calendar events and promotions for your practice. Set start and end dates for events and have these automatically displayed and removed from your website.


Job Vacancies

Allows you to create and display job vacancies on your website. Set application dates, contact details and job description.


Case Studies

Allows you to create case studies for interesting cases which demonstrate your specialist skills and services.


Online Polls

Allows your website to host an online poll and allows voters to review the live results. Online polls make your site more dynamic, encouraging client participation and revisit.


Image Gallery

Allows you to upload a galleries of images directly onto your website.


Light a Candle

Allows visitors to your site to ‘light a candle’ dedicated to their departed pet.


Lost/Found Pets

Allows visitors to create lost/found pet listings on your website. Once added you can amend the listings via VetEdit.


Sick Pet Helper Plug-In

Your website can include a seamless plug-in which gives your clients and prospective clients access to over 10,000 questions and answers that encourage owners to attend your practice in a timely manner. The Sick Pet Helper gives clients and prospective clients a first port of call if they are worried about their pets. It increases business from existing and new pet owners.


Social Networking Links

Allow users to share links to your website pages with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Gmail or any other social networking website. Get your website talked about and visited by friend and family of your existing clients. This works very well with our Sick Pet Helper Plug-In which is a highly referencable resource.


Appointment Request On-line Form

Allow potential clients to request an appointment. The client to select a prefered day. The request is emailed to your nominated recipient.


New Client Registration On-line Form

Allow potential clients to get the ball rolling. Clients can fill out an on-line form with the names of their pets and record known conditions. These will be emailed to your nominated recipient.


Repeat Prescriptions On-line Form

Allow clients to submit repeat prescription forms to you via a webpage. These will be emailed to your nominated recipient.


Mailing List sign-up

Provides a screen that allows users to either subscribe to your mailing list or request to be removed from it. The generated requests are automatically added or removed from your on-line ‘Mailing List Manager’ within your VetEdit account.


Multiple language versions

We can write your website in such a way that it allows users to select their preferred language when viewing your site. This can help your website reach communities that no competitor can. This is not a machine translation which produces unreadable text. We build your website so that you can provide properly translated content. This is great functionality but we should point out that it does create an ongoing overhead for your practice when it comes to maintaining the content of your website. For example, when creating a new ‘News Item’ you would need to create versions for each language you support.


Site Search

This places a simple search box on your homepage and allows users to search the content of your website.

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